Noticing my English Bulldog Chewing at his paws after playing in the back yard I came to realize the chemicals in the fertilizer being used was irritating his sensitive skin.

Reading the list of chemicals on most traditional lawn fertilizers and plant food I knew these harsh chemicals would have to go.

Concerned for my pups health I set out to make a pet safe plant food and lawn fertilizer.

What I came up with is a 100% natural fish emulsion broad spectrum fertilizer concentrate which I'm happy to say is completely pet safe and extremely effective for almost all plant food and fertilizing applications.

My Pond fish work night and day to make this emulsion and it's works wonders.

Other fish emulsions are made of ground up fish bits... mine is not (I like my fish too much to kill em'). I feed them quality food and they provide me with one of the most effective fertilizers on the planet.

This is the next step in Truly Organic plant Food and Fertilizer.